Robbins Tub Repair can fix all the defects and spot shoot to match surrounding color then encapsulate in a hard clear gloss coat that will seal the tub in a harder coating.

This process can restore/refinish your porcelain, fiberglass, cultured marble or acrylic bathtubs, sinks to a near original look like they had when they were new. Think of it as if it were a method that will give a miracle of a refinish to the surface with spraying little chemistry in the air or on the fixtures, we  can give a warranty that no peeling can or will take place. This process is not coating  with an acrylic resin or epoxy.
Kiln reglazing a fixture in place is  an impossibility, for 1700 or more  degrees of temperature would be needed.
However this refinishing process is only applied when the original appearance is desired. If you are looking for a color change than Resins are what is needed. Great savings when refinishing a  Bathtub.
With our restoration process there is no need to worry about over spray, or a mess. Quick, clean and efficient, you will be able to bathe in most cases within hours.
Our Promise:
We will bring your fixtures back as close to the original look as possible, whether it be a Claw-
foot Bathtub or fiberglass shower ,Ceramic Tile or vintage sink or a  previously refinished fixture
Oh yes, it's affordable too.
        You will love the "Like New Look"


Bath and Sink Restoration

Just wanted to say thanks for the great job.  The tub looks great and we are looking forward to getting a lot more use out of it!                                                          J. Cummings     Asheville, NC.

"Don't throw away Restore it today".
This is a 80 year old  CLAWFOOT bathtub
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Robbins Tub Repair
Save your landfill from 300 lbs. of rusting iron and lead based porcelain leaching into the soil.

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We offer an alternative to refinishing wether or not your tub has been refinished before .
No need to have it stripped and fully sprayed in most cases.