Bathtub Bottom Repair Liner
Permanent Inlay
for Fiberglass and Vinyl Bathtubs

By far the greatest amount of wear occurs to the bottom of your fixture.

Tub and shower bottoms can be permanently repaired with strength that is superior to the original, at only a fraction of the cost of replacement with this "Bottom Liner".

Robbins Tub Repair provides three solutions to this problem with non-slip surfaces and  a fusion process that actually melts the two surfaces together making both materials into one.
Our liners can be custom fitted and colored to your fixture.

Shower Pan Inlay
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Robbins Tub Repair

  Bottom Liner
The solution to your fiberglass tub or shower repair problems, because they are made of a non-slip durable new material that will not crack, wear out or delaminate from the applied surface. They are guaranteed to stay permanently adhered to the bottom of the shower due to a process known as fusion. Our adhesive creates an exothermic reaction which permanently bonds the inlay to the bottom of the tub or shower so that the two surfaces become one.

Additionally, our inlays are computer designed to cover the entire bottom of the tub or shower to ensure a custom fit.

Inlay Testimonials

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful job your crew did fixing my cracked shower pan. I have tried for two years to find someone to make that repair without bankrupting me; Robbins Tub Repair came to the rescue.

Your crew was timely, clean and very professional while technically solving a difficult problem. I would recommend your firm to anyone with a similar problem.

Richard Kline
Waynesville, NC

I live in a house that is over 120 years old. I moved into it in 1984. It did not have running water and the toilet facility was an outhouse. I enclosed a back porch that was to be the bathroom and when the shower/tub combination was installed it went through an open space that was later finished as an outside wall. 25 years later the tub floor developed some cracks. To replace the whole tub would have been a major project and a very expensive effort. A friend told me about Robbins tub repair so I gave them a call. They came out and  installed a bottom inlay and repaired many other flaws that had developed over the years. The tub is as good as new…if not better!  Best of all, my wife is really happy with the results!  I highly recommend Robbins tub repair as a very affordable alternative to any other option that I researched.

Vince Vilcinskas.
Marshall, NC

After many years of repairing bathtubs this Permanent Bottom Liner made of compressed polymers has surpassed my wildest expectations in durability and strength. Yes, sometimes the cracks can be fixed individually on the bottom of fixtures, however that fix will not take care of future cracks that surely will appear due to the area being brittle from age or just breaking due to the weight of individuals exceeding the strength of the materials that they were composed of.  Like many things a fiberglass, vinyl, or plastic tub has just so much durability that will diminish in time. A good one will last twenty five years but most will only see about seven years before problems occur. Remember this is why most manufacturers only give a one year warranty.  Many are just made defective to begin with.
When the Liner is placed, even over the worst broken tubs, I can walk away knowing " The job is done".   
Peter Robbins/Robbins Tub Repair

Non-Slip Mat Installed in off white porcelain bathtub
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